EX-LAB is one of the leading companies in Israel in the supply of new laboratory equipment and well-known international brands:

EX-LAB (Israel) was founded in 2002 by Ariel Putterman – an entrepreneur – who serves as the company’s CEO. Since its early days EX-LAB (Israel) has been considered an innovative company.

The EX-LAB (Israel) main offices are located in PETAH-TIKVA, Israel, while its operational division and its leading storage site are located in the Rehovot/Ness Ziona Science Park area.

EX-LAB’s staff includes skillful, professional, and experienced members, each with his own specific area of expertise (such as sales managers, technicians, quality assurance professionals, logistics experts etc.). Each staff member is readily available to assist EX-LAB’s many customers 24/7. Thanks to its professional staff and excellent customer service, EX-LAB (Israel) is considered a top company in its operating fields – marketing and supplying of laboratory equipment, renowned professional storage services and cold chain solutions.

EX-LAB (Israel) has a subsidiary – CSI (Israel) – specializing in marketing and supplying of reagents and consumables to a wide range of laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers (Teva, Taro, Dexcel).

Controlled Conditions Storage

In early 2005 EX-LAB developed a storage services division for the purpose of supplying storage services for every storage protocol.

Since then, EX-LAB has gradually expanded its storage services division.

In 2018 EX-LAB inaugurated a new storage site in which a wide range of storage services, complying with all protocols, and complementary logistics services are provided. The site was designed and built in accordance with the most demanding safety and security requirements. It includes a full backup for the electrical systems, including emergency generators, backup for all types of equipment (e.g. -86°C freezers, refrigerators, LN2 tanks, RH/Temp chambers), 24/7 guarding and security services, double monitoring systems, fire alarms, etc.

The storage services staff includes professional skilled site managers, QA personnel and dedicated technicians with over 15 years of experience.